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Britain Predicts Nigeria To Be One Of The Biggest

2050 World Economies– Britain has reasons to believe that Nigeria would be one of the biggest economies and world’s biggest country by 2050.

Paul Arkwright, British High Commissioner in Nigeria said this during the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC).

According to the High Commissioner, Britain finds the economic outlook of Nigeria impressive.

Speaking on the topic, Nigeria-British Relations: The Next 100 Years, he said with the current re-shaping of the Nigerian economy, courtesy of the Buhari administration, that Nigeria will soon be self-sufficient.

He mentioned that Nigeria in good time will not be depending on foreign aids for development.

By their projections, Arkwright authoritatively states that Nigeria will soon surpass China and other world’s biggest countries.

In the same vein he said that Lagos which is the economic heartbeat of the west African country would likewise advance as one of the world’s economic hubs.

“By 2050, Nigeria will be the third biggest country in the world as it will overtake the USA to join China and India as the three biggest countries.”

“Second, Lagos, Africa’s fifth largest economy in 2016, will become more important in the coming years as African example of how to break down barriers to doing business and bring in foreign investment.”

Aside the good news of becoming one of the 2050 world economies, Arkwright also announced the newly endorsed same day visa service.

According to him, the British Embassy has commenced special services that assures visa applicants on getting their visa on the same day or within five days of application.

The embassy has equally reduced the maximum turnaround time for all classes of visa application to 15 days.

“We have introduced a same day visa service – at a cost – for visas in Nigeria. We have also introduced a service that means you get a visa within five days, at a lower cost than the same day process.”

“Our turnaround time for all other visas is 15 days. The key thing, however, is that all visitors to the UK, whether they are from Nigeria or anywhere else, must respect the law and the length of time their visa says they can stay in the UK,”

Recounting a number of improvements in granting UK Visas to Nigerians, Arwright said that 90% of 140,000 visa applications were successful. For visas to other places he says about 70% were successful as well.

“There are as many as 250,000 Nigerian nationals or dual Nigerian-British nationals living in the UK at the moment.”


With the economic revolution lurking around with regards to Brexit, Britain is out to be a globally recognized trading country.

Over time UK has been one of Africa’s strongest trading partners.

With pleasant announcements of being one of the 2050 world economies, it is clear that the British High Commissioner’s aim is to strengthen the British-Nigeria relations for better future partnerships.

“Some claim the total Nigerian diaspora in the UK is well over a million. We want Nigerians to come to the UK. They come to do business, to study, to see family and to invest in our economy.”

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