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Keem Harun does stunning details for ‘The Great Gatsby’ Fall 2017 Collection

Womenswear brand Keem Harun goes all out pretty and glittering with new Fall 2017 Collection tagged ‘The Great Gatsby‘.

The Nigeria based brand takes on flirty details like fringe and embellishments on vibrant African prints.

The collection is “an eye catching combination of sleek African prints with dramatic American flapper details. The attempt was to blend two extraordinary but very diverse cultures and strike a stunning balance between old world glamour and present day charm with our ‘Great Gatsby’ style pieces that pulls inspiration from both cultures.

The 1920s, the year of the Great Gatsby is known for unprecedented economic prosperity, the evolution of jazz music, flapper culture, and forging of a genuine mass culture. Africa is currently witnessing its own cultural renaissance in music, dance, fashion and the arts generally.

Characterised by bold, vibrant prints, laces, fringes, mesh and ornate details; these looks mixes classic flapper ideas with bright contemporary pieces for a look that hints at old world but is full of life as it is today. We went for a 1920s American aesthetic mixed with new age African ideas for the entire collection” the brand revealed about the collection in a side note.

For Creative Director of the eponymous brand Keem Harun-Adeleye,” style is eternal and old fashion trends repeat themselves after some years the only difference in this fashion tendencies is their modernization and innovative thinking incorporated into the production and presentation”  which is evident in the pieces presented in the new Fall collection.

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