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Papa Omisore sets menswear brand in new direction

POC (Papa Omisore Clothing) rebrands to P.O.C (People Of Colour)!

The Nigeria based menswear brand is repositioning the brand’s identity all the way up to its offerings and it comes with more exciting news!

Papa Omisore

Looking to create more options for the fashionable man, the brand is set to launch three (3) more arms catering to its vast clientele by offering instant retail options where people can walk into a store and pick up P.O.C pieces amongst other things lined up in the new direction.

Celebrity stylist, designer and creative director of the brand Papa Omisore started the brand out of the desire to stay fashionable and seeing the need to satisy a dearth in men’s fashion pieces he created the brand that has since made a debut and a follow up showcase at the Lagos Fashion Design Week.

A stylish sport himself, Omisore is known as a bold dresser who surprisingly makes sure comfort is key without taking away from his unique style and his eye for details which doesn’t go unnoticed in any look he chooses.

The rebrand had to happen as a direct result of what he intends to do with men’s style; “the love for colour and need for more colour in menswear” he states.

In an exclusive interview about the new direction, he offers:

Why the name change?

It’s not really a name change, but more of a rebrand. It was important for people to know that the brand is not ‘poc’, but P.O.C, which was initially an abbreviation of Papa Omisore Clothing.

Papa Omisore wearing Gladiator sandals

What’s going to be different now (from POC to POC)

P.O.C has now changed from Papa Omisore Clothing to People Of Colour. The brand started because I could not find anything to wear and started the brand, essentially creating clothes I would wear, and found that men loved and wanted it. People often forget that men love fashion, it’s not enough for them to throw on a t shirt or button down shirt, they want more. The brand has now become more than that, it now infuses a lot of print and colour. People think men don’t like or want colour, but that’s not true! When I wear prints and colour, I get so many requests for it, it’s different. Colours and prints have personalities, just like people!

What inspired the change? How are you repositioning the brand?

The name change was inspired by the love for colour and need for more colour in menswear. The brand has also been known for its kaftans, which are a P.O.C staple, but now, we’re expanding. The people spoke, and we listened – we are no longer just ‘the kaftan brand’. Don’t get me wrong, people absolutely loved the kaftans, but men need more!

What to expect with the new direction?

You’ll have to keep your eyes out, but what I will say is that the brand will now have 3 arms and more options.

Major shows this year?

Right now, I can’t say. Main focus is to create, things tend to fall into place, so only time can tell.

What to expect with new collection?

The last Lagos Fashion and Design week saw something different from P.O.C. The way I create, I can’t predict where my inspiration will come from, but there will always be something new.

About the diffusion line and other plans?

I won’t call it a diffusion line. The brand will now have 3 arms and more options for men. I will say though that the brand will now be available for sale at a retail outlet, to enable people walk into a store and pick up P.O.C, instead of waiting for their bespoke orders. This is a major step for the brand, as we have relied on orders for the past 3 years. We want our customers and followers to now be able to access P.O.C whenever they want. However, the bespoke option will still be available.

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