Confession Of Lagos Housewife – I Cheat On My Two Pump Chump Hubby

I am Nnenna, a Lagos housewife and I have a very special issue that needs to be dealt with urgently, it is about to ruin my marriage of over 5 years.

I and my husband had a very beautiful life together, but that was until two years into our marriage, just after we had our first and only child. Tommy as I fondly call him had lost his job then and would not have me work, he said it was his duty to provide for his family and believed that our child would need all my attention.

I used to be marketer at one of the leading banks, while he worked with an oil firm but was retrenched due to certain unclear circumstances.

The quest for a job took a toll on my husband because we had debts to offset, so many bills left unpaid.

During that period, Tommy will go out very early only to come back very late at night. The time spent however, did not reflect on our economic status.

We were not begging but we could tell that the family was digging too deep into its reserves. After about a year and no serious job forthcoming, Tommy decided he would go into a business of his own.

He started a business with the little we had saved over the years, he gave it his all, time, body and soul. Tommy could be very determined and that was the spirit he put into the business, however, it was our home that suffered the brunt.

Gradually I began to feel the detachment from him, he was more connected with making the business boom, there was little or no time for me and my little boy. Our sex life was almost dead and when we did have anything intimate it was shabby at best. He gave numerous excuses of why his performance had drastically come to an all time low, from business thoughts to the Lagos stress that is always tied to the ever present gridlocks for no just cause.

I cried severally because I was starved not just of both love and sex, perhaps you might think I am vain but please don’t judge me till you have walked a mile in my shoes. Tommy could not hold his own for even five minutes, no sooner than he gets in and the milk is spilled. He said he had tried several things but they just don’t work. For months and then over a year, things continued the same way. After a while, I gave up totally, resigning to fate.

Good thing is, the business started to grown miraculously, but the more it grew, the distant my husband became from me. There was no day without a meeting, the weekends were spent virtually at his business place, only on rare occasions did I and my son go visiting there. I was idle, and perhaps that was the avenue for certain things to happen, things I am not so proud to mention. The most crazy of all that I began to indulge in, is basically living on social media. While I bore my heart in subtle Tweets and Facebook posts, I wore a hypocritical look on Instagram.

My photos bearing faked smiles, hid my inner torment, but there was this guy who could read between the lines, he introduced himself to me as Benson. He was about 10 years younger than myself and twenty years younger than my husband. But he was smart and witty, I was caught off-guard.

Benson made me pour my heart to him in such a way that I felt exposed, and before I could blink, we were dating. From internet chats we advanced to calls and texts, before I knew it, I was inviting this young  man into my matrimonial home.

He was young but Benson sure did know how to treat a lady, there was never a boring moment with him, as his wits exuded effortlessly. Soon I was almost forgetting that I had a husband, it was more like living with yet another flat mate, as all we did whenever my husband got back from work was brief chats (boring) and off to bed.

Whenever he got into his room to sleep, I got talking with Benson under the guise of staying with my tender son. We would do all sorts of crazy stuffs over the phone and I felt like a teenager again. The first day I and Benson made love, it stirred a wild passion in me and I could not get enough of him. I would invite him over on certain weekends, we would meet up at his place on other days and somehow I never got caught. Few days ago, my husband came back with a gift, it was a brand new Toyota Corolla.

He told me he knew that he had not been living up to expectations and was going to make it up to me. He said very soon we would be moving into a new apartment of our own, adding that he kept it a secret to surprise me. I was shocked, did not know what to say.

I had mixed feelings, guilt, joy, astonishment all playing out at once. We made love that night, after so long, it was the same. He came prematurely, I really wanted to confront him but something kept holding me back. The house we talked about is almost set, the future looks bright again. But beyond the money and the comfort, a woman has other needs.

I really want to get rid of Benson, but do not know how to go about it. Especially because I cannot get enough of all he does to me, besides, my husband still has his chronic case of premature ejaculation.

Honestly, I am perplexed and that is why I have written this. I know my problem sounds a like trivial and selfish to a large extent, but I really need help, I cannot pleasure myself for life to stay faithful to my husband. Please what can I do to salvage what is left of my life and marriage, Tommy might soon sense my detachment to him, he might become suspicious of certain moves I make. I need to be satisfied but my husband can’t give what I want.

Nigerian Woman Mercilessly Beaten By Her Husband For Asking Why He Stored Another Lady’s Name As ‘Wife’ On His Phone




Yesterday, in a hospital in the outskirt of Lagos, a wonderful DPA doctor alerted us in the following message:

“A patient of mine just came with bruises all over her body. Beaten by her husband. …I will send the pictures. She accosted him after she saw his phone ringing and the caller was stored as “wife” she wondered who might be his wife different from him

She picked the call and informed the caller she is the wife. She also discovered her own number was no longer stored as wife but with a different name from her. She complained of discovering that he sent about 60k to another lady while she and too children are in hunger.”

With that message started a chain of events. The doctor is a wonderful professional. He followed the global best practice in providing treatment to this victim of domestic violence.

Today, before the lady was discharged from the hospital, I made contact with her. We discussed her safety going forward. We discussed her fears about going home to the husband that beat her so badly. DPA had wished that her discharge was delayed till tomorrow to give us more time to find a safe house for her. But her husband had a different plan.

The husband is a leader of a group of touts known as Area Boys in their neighborhood. He led a bunch of violent thugs and he was at the hospital trying to force them to discharge his wife. He had sensed that there was trouble. He was not sure what it was exactly. But he was aware that some people led by one lawyer were trying to get him into trouble. He knew that the longer his wife stayed in the hospital, the more likely he would fall into a trap. So, he was really disturbing the hospital to discharge the lady. The lady was due to be discharge today, anyway. But he wanted that done in the morning and we wanted it done later so that we could do something to him.

In the end, DPA was not ready to take the woman. And the hospital had no choice than to discharge her to her husband by 2pm. I finally spoke to the man. I made it clear to him that I would hold him responsible if anything happens to his wife. Also, I spoke to the woman. She is to call me once every week to assure me she is okay. And I will be sending a DPA probation officer to visit the woman every month to ensure that the man has stopped beating her.

Here are the pictures of the woman and her injuries. We have zero tolerance for domestic violence. If you get to the point of beating your wife, that is the point you declare war against DPA. It is your choice – war or peace. Our goal is to see everybody, every woman safe in her own house

As published on Facebook by human right lawyer and activist, Emeka Ugwuonye:

My Husband Is Having Sex With My Married Friend” – Woman Cries Out

A marriage of 18 years between one Mrs Taiwo Bolumade and her husband Olajide was on Friday dissolved by an Igando Customary Court in Lagos State over allegations of infidelity and battery.

Bolumade, while praying the court for the dissolution of the marriage disclosed that she stumbled on a message where her friend was begging her husband, Olajide, 45, to return her pant.

According to the 42-year-old mother of four;

“My husband is dating my married friend and I discovered this when I was with his cell phone.
“Then, a whatsApp message entered with my friend’s picture appearing on the screen begging my husband to return her pant.
“I showed my husband the message; he confessed that he was having an illegal affair with her that I should forgive him.
“I also went to my friend’s house to confront her for having an illegal affair with my husband.
“She also begged me that I should not let her husband hear about it and promised to end the relationship with my husband.”

She also informed the court that her husband had developed the habit of threatening to kill her with dangerous weapons at the slightest provocation.

Bolumide said;

“My husband is used to beating me up using dangerous weapons; recently he threatened to kill me.
“Anytime I received a call, my husband would demand for my cell phone to know if it were a man that called; and if I refused to surrender it to him, he would beat the hell out of me.
“He once attacked me on the bed with a cutlass; threatening to machete me but I escaped by the whiskers.”

Pleading with the court to grant her application for divorce, the mother of four claimed that her husband had refused to eat food prepared by her in the past three years.

Olajide, who denied the allegation of infidelity, however, accused his wife of having affair with another man. He said;

“My wife is having an affair with a man; I had caught them severally behind a transformer where they were always meeting around 11p.m.
“She and her lover arrested me on two occasions, accusing me of always calling her lover’s cell phone and threatening his life, an allegation I knew nothing about.”
Olajide also described the mother of his children as “an ingrate”, alleging that he bought two cars for her when his business was booming but when it crashed, she started misbehaving.

“In fact, she even invited the police to arrest me claiming I stole her N100,000 of which I am innocent of,” he said.

Delivering judgement on the dissolution of the marriage, the President of the Court, Adegboyega Omilola, said;

“Since both parties had consented to the dissolution of their marriage, this court has no choice than to dissolve the marriage.
“This court, therefore, pronounces the marriage between Mrs Taiwo Bolumade and Mr Olajide Bolumade dissolved today.
“Both parties are no longer husband and wife; they are free to go their separate ways without any hindrances and molestations

Pastor Sent to Prison for Sleeping With Prophetess and Her daughter

Serious crisis has engulfed the Great Overcomers Ministry Church in Abaranje, Ikotun, a Lagos suburb over an allegation of adultery and rape levied against one of the church pastors.

P M.EXPRESS gathered that the alleged sex scandal has put the entire congregation in disarray as some members have left in annoyance because the church’s General Overseer, a female was in the thick of the whole scandal.

It was gathered that a former assistant pastor in the church, Okwudili Ozor was accused of allegedly sleeping both with the General Overseer, Prophetess Gloria Udeh and her 15-year old daughter, an act which has landed him in prison.

Trouble started when Prophetess Udeh accused Ozor of forcefully having carnal knowledge of her teenage daughter in January.

She reported the matter to the Police at Area M Command in Idimu, Lagos who arrested and detained for nine days before he was taken to court but luckily, the court did not sit on that day.
He was later released by the Police.

But in a twist, a team of Policemen from Idimu Police Station early Tuesday morning invaded Ozor’s house in Ikotun, Lagos, arrested and charged him before Ogba Magistrates’ Court for raping Gloria’s 15-year old daughter.

The Court’s Chief Magistrate, Mrs Davis Abegunde granted him bail but remanded in prison custody pending when he will perfect his bail condition.

But this latest arrest and the remand of Ozor has led to the opening of a can of worms.

The suspect denied ever sleeping with the teenage girl as alleged by the Prophetess, but instead he admitted he has had affairs with the woman who felt heartbroken that he dumped her for another woman.

According to him, the woman has been married for some years and had four children before she separated from her husband.

He said when he joined her church; the prophetess made him her assistant and asked him to marry her so that they can build the church together.

Ozor said he declined the proposal but told her he already had a woman in his village he wanted to marry and this did not go down well with her.
“She tried to pressure me to change my marriage plans but I refused. I later went ahead to marry my wife in 2015 and that’s when the trouble started,” he said.

The suspect claimed that after he was arrested in January but later released, the prophetess demanded that he should pay her N500,000 before she would withdraw the matter from the police.

He said he pleaded that he had no such amount to give her and she reduced it to N200,000, yet he could not raise the money and that’s when she decided to use her influences to deal with him.

When we contacted Prophetess Gloria, she denied the claim that she was sleeping with Ozor.

According to her, the case she reported to the police was that of sexual assault on her daughter.

She claimed Ozor and his relations have been pleading for her to forgive him which she gave him condition which he had accepted.

Gloria said he was only angry with Udeh, who he accused of denting her image and that of her church following his allegations that they were sleeping together which had made some members to leave the church.

On why it took her two years before she reported the sexual assault matter to the police, she declined to speak further and walked away.

When our correspondent visited the Command to speak with the Area Commander, he was not around.

However, police source confirmed the incident and declined to make further comment on the matter

Husband Beats And Stabs Wife In Her Private Part For Allegedly Cheating In Lagos


Lagos Police Command has arrested one Victor Ojiaku for allegedly beating his wife mercilessly and then stabbing her in her private part with a broken bottle

Ojiaku, an automobile parts dealer, attacked his wife, Faith Ojiaku, 27, a mother of three at their home in White Sand, Isheri-Osun in Lagos State last week after accusing her of sleeping with a teenage boy who works for him.

Faith was kept locked up for two days by Victor, making it impossible for her to call any family member or friend for help or seeking medical attention.

When she was eventually allowed to seek medical attention, she used a doctor’s phone to call her sister who then informed the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team, who have since taken up the case.

The man appeared at the Ejigbo Magistrates’ Court last week where he was granted bail and case postponed till end of January. He is also faing charges for attacking his teenage worker who he accused of sleeping with his wife.

He is facing a six-count charge bordering on grievous bodily harm, threat to life and assault.

Cheating Wife Dies Inside Lagos Hotel After Marathon S*x With Secret Lover

A woman identified as Josephine who is said to be the wife of a Lagos State socialite has died after sex romps with her boyfriend in a guesthouse in the Isheri Olofin area of the state.We gathered that the victim had gone to the guesthouse with her boyfriend, Augustine Dunkwu last Tuesday around 2.30pm.

nigerian woman catches cheating husband


They were said to have drunk different brands of beer after which they went into a room.

Our correspondent was told that after about 45 minutes of marathon sex, the woman fainted.

When efforts to resuscitate her reportedly failed, the suspect allegedly dressed up and left the guesthouse.

The receptionist, who became suspicious that Dunkwu left without his partner, was said to have quickly dashed into the room and saw that the woman was unconscious.

Our correspondent gathered that the worker raised the alarm, and the suspect was chased, apprehended and handed over to policemen from the Idimu division. Josephine’s corpse was subsequently deposited in a morgue.