The late diva battled for years to save her brother from the powerful addiction of hard drugs, sources confided.
But with Whitney gone, 59-year-old Gary barely resembles the athletic NBA star he once was — and it’s clear the overdose deaths of Whitney and her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, haven’t spurred him to kick his own drug habit.
“Yeah, that’s Gary. The whole family is a bunch of dope heads,” a snitch spilled to Mr. Obnoxious.
According to eyewitnesses, Gary was as high as a kite as he sat in his parked car — immobile and barely breathing with his foot on the brake as the engine raced — on the afternoon of Feb. 22 outside a notorious drug den in Atlanta, Ga. It was 11 days after the fifth anniversary of Whitney’s passing.
“It’s a well-known drug house. There’s a lot of traffic going in and out of that dead-end street so it’s obvious,” a regular visitor to the dealer’s home told Radar.
“The guy sells pills, all kinds of pills – pain pills, pills for anxiety, Roxy, cocaine, weed, and heroin.
Gary bought heroin, and he’s bought it before. I saw him give the dealer $200.
After he handed over the $200, Gary went into the bathroom. But they told him he couldn’t do it here, so he went out to his car. Four hours later he was still in his car, passed out.
“I saw him there twice about five days apart. He was very comfortable in the house. I could tell by his demeanor. He’s been there before, and I’m 100 percent sure I’ll see him again.”
Gary is married to Pat Houston, who was Whitney’s closest friend and manager. He toured as a background singer for Whitney, but he’s been struggling with hard drugs for decades.
In 1996, North Carolina cops busted him with a crack pipe and five bags of crack cocaine after he bolted from a routine checkpoint.
But cancer returned in 2012, and his drug use once again threatens his health.