Actor celebrates wife Damilola Adegbite

Chris Attoh and Damilola Adegbite-Attoh are so in love.
The “Tinsel” star took to Instagram on May 18, 2017, to celebrate his wife as she turns a year older.

Chris Attoh and Damilola Adegbite married in 2015 in Accra, Ghana

Happy Birthday Mama!!! @adedamee Today is your special day. May you be showered with health, wealth and prosperity throughout your life and may your special day and every day be full of love and joyful moments! Have a blast today with many more years ahead.”

Chris Attoh, Damilola Adegbeti Romance

This comes a day after Damilola gave him a lovely shout out on social media. Sharing her take on love and how it endures all, she shared the photo above writing,

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Happy birthday Nii.. I love you.

In a recent interview with Hitz FM, Attoh said that his wife “is wonderful,” and “she is currently in London. She just launched her Alpha Woman project,” which helps to empower women.

When asked about the separation rumours, he said, “I don’t hear them, I don’t read them. I’m too focused, I can’t be too bothered with all these… what is important is in front of me.”

Chris Attoh and Damilola Adegbite got hitched on February 14, 2015 in Accra, Ghana, and share a son, Brian Attoh.

Selecting The Sex of Your Baby

A frequent question I get to respond to in my clinic is –Dr how do I get to select the sex of my baby?.

My usual response to them is to find out if they want the truth or a sensational answer. In some parts of Nigeria, Male babies are preferred to female babies.
This is to ensure that the family name and dynasty is maintained. Some individuals will prefer to have a balance ratio of male to female distribution in their families. There are social and ethical implications of sex selection, but I don’t intend to bore you with the details of this.

My goal in this discussion is to explain the scientific basis of sex determination so you can distinguish what the true answer is from the sensational answer.

The union of the male sex cell (sperm) with the female sex cell (ovum), leads to the formation of a Zygote(future Baby) .Weather the baby will be a male
or female baby depends on the chromosomes carried by the male and female sex cells. The male sex cell (sperm), is solely responsible for sex determination
because it has the capacity to carry X and Y chromosomes. The ovum (egg) can only carry X chromosomes and as such cannot help determine sex.During
formation of a baby, should the male contribute a Y chromosome carrying sperm, the baby will be a boy. On the contrary, if the man contributes an X carrying sperm, the baby becomes a female baby.

The question is, what determines if the male will send an X carrying sperm or a Y carrying sperm?.The answer will depend on if it is a natural conception or an artificial conception.

In natural selection, some researchers believe that the Y chromosome carrying sperm tend to move faster than the X chromosome carrying sperm and as such should intercourse occur just before ovulation, the Y chromosome carrying sperm will be the fastest to cause conception and thus a baby boy will result. The reverse will obviously be the case should intercourse take place immediately after ovulation. This postulation depends on the ability to accurately determine ovulation which is not sacrosanct. Unfortunately this postulation is not scientifically correct and so it is a sensational answer

Varied positions used for sexual intercourse does not help select a particular sex of a baby.

In artificial conception, it is however possible to select the desired sex of a baby by subjecting harvested spermatozoa to flow cytometry and picking out the desired spermatozoa for intrauterine insemination, invitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection. This is known as sperm sorting.

In Preimplantation Genetic diagnosis (PGD), sex selection is done by using embryos resulting from IVF procedures and then genetically tested for X or Y chromosomes. The embryos of the desired sex are then implanted. Ethical and moral issues are elicited in this situation, because undesired embryos may have to be discarded.

In conclusion,sex selection in natural conception is a chance event.In artificial conception,it is possible to desire and select a particular sex of baby.

Conducting a Pre-conception Clinic

In the conduction of the pre-conception clinic, women are given standard questionnaires to extract information on personal, family history, social history, past medical and surgical history, history of previous pregnancies. The immunization history of the client is also determined. Relevant blood test and other investigations are also carried out. Women are thereafter counseled on their preparedness or otherwise for pregnancy and are thus able to make informed decisions and plan for pregnancy. Clinic attendance is flexible and tailored to the need of the client. Certain factors will however influence the nature of the Preconception clinic and will include the following:

-The environment

-Prevalence of certain health conditions

-Proximity to the next pregnancy

-Previous experience in previous pregnancies

-Type and use of contraception

-Previous medical conditions

-History of previous surgery

-Genetic makeup of the couple contemplating pregnancy

-Habits such as smoking and alcoholism and drugs of addiction

-Allergic reaction to drugs and or food

-Occupation and nature of Job

Health Issues for the Zygote in the first one week of Life

In the first one week of life, the greatest concern for the zygote is the risk of development of chromosome(al) and genetic abnormalities. This risk is influenced by factors inherent in the genetic makeup of the parents and factors that influence division and multiplication of genes and chromosomes.
Genetic disorder occurs when there is an abnormality with genes and chromosomes.
Genetic disease can occur when there is either a single defective gene or a group of defective genes. A chromosome(al) or genetic disorder can also occur when there is a fault in the number and shape of chromosomes.
A common chromosomal disorder is Down’s syndrome. This occurs when a zygote has 47 chromosomes instead of the usual 46 chromosomes. In this condition, the egg is usually defective because it carries the extra chromosome.
In Down’s syndrome the extra chromosome is sited at the 21st position. Out of every 1,000 babies, one will be born with Down’s syndrome. The risk of occurrence occurring randomly but it is known to be associated with parents with genetic disorders.
Other conditions exist where an extra chromosome is added at different positions in the chromosome pair, they are known as Edward’s and Patau’s Syndrome. They are however rarer than Down’s syndrome.
These chromosome disorders are associated with physical abnormalities and mental retardation. There is increased incidence in mothers of advanced age. The risk factor is about 1 in 350 at age 35 and 1 in 125 at age 45. The incidence in 1 in 75 at age 50years. This should not be a cause of unnecessary worry for mothers of advanced age as even at age 50, out of every 25 women, 24 of the women will still escape chromosomal abnormality. This is not also to encourage late child-bearing as it is obvious that the risk of chromosomal abnormality increases with advanced age.
Another genetic disease of concern in this part of the world is sickle-cell anaemia. This occurs in 1 in 350 Nigerians. There is inheritance of defective heamoglobin from the parents by the baby. This is the commonest genetic disease of black peopleworldwide. When both parents are carrier of the heamoglobin trait that is they have the genotype AS, the risk of having a child with the disease is 25% but 50% when one parent has the disease and the other is a carrier that is SS and AS genotype combination.
It is therefore wise for intending couples to carry out a genotype screen before planning a family. In a situation where a couple carry genetic traits of sickle cell anaemia that will predispose their child to having sickle cell anaemia or a carrier trait, they can be counseled to have pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. This will determine the genotype of the baby before implantation. The couple will however have to resort to assisted reproductive technology to enable them determine the genotype of the baby before implantation. Prior to the use of this technology, chronic villus biopsy which involves obtaining tissue from the placenta of the fetus before 14weeks to determine the genotype was the method used in the determination of Genotype of babies suspected to have sickle cell disease while in-utero (inside the womb). This method has been taken over by pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Overall, this method is laced about by numerous religious and human rights issues and rightly so!
Other forms of genetic disorders that will be mentioned but not discussed in details on account of their relative rarity in our environment, include Cystic fibrosis, thalassaemia, Tay-Sachs disease and others related to gender such as Hemophilia (a bleeding disorder)
Poor arrangement of chromosomes that are inherited from parents can lead to a condition known as translocation of chromosomes. In translocation the parents are normal but the child becomes abnormal if he receives the chromosome pair that is poorly arranged.
When there is abnormality related to the sex chromosomes (i.e. X and Y), it can lead to defects in sexual development of the baby, infertility and other forms of abnormality. Some example includes a situation where a female baby has only one X chromosome instead of two. This is referred to as Turner’s syndrome.
Male babies may suffer from a condition where they have two or more X chromosomes instead of one, this is referred to as Klinefelter’s syndrome it is associated with male infertility in adulthood.
The aim of this discussion is not to instill fear into you but to raise your awareness on the wide range of abnormalities that can occur early in the development of the baby and the possible risk factors.
But it is important to be reassured that far more babies are born normal rather than abnormal. As a matter of fact, normality is the rule. For babies that have inherent chromosomal and genetic abnormalities, most of these babies will suffer miscarriage and will not progress beyond the first eight-ten weeks of life. Chromosomal and genetic abnormalities are responsible for most causes of miscarriage.

Harmful Habits To Avoid in the First Trimester

Indiscriminate use of prescription drugs can lead to birth defects. It is important that you check with your care giver before you ingest any prescription drug. Abuse of drugs can be harmful. In poor areas of sub-Saharan Africa, individuals are of the habit of indiscriminately using antibiotics because they lack the financial means to visit proper clinics. Some of the antibiotics are not safe for pregnancy, some are however safe for usage.

Herbal preparations are unpredictable. Herbal preparations that the components are not known are particularly notorious because some of them can cause gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea and in some cases miscarriage.

There are however some safe herbal teas that are known to improve in symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. The beauty of these herbal teas is that their constituents are known and documented.

Alcohol intake in significant amounts can increase the risk of miscarriage. It is also associated with birth defects with associated facial abnormalities and abnormalities of the nervous system. Babies born to mothers who are alcoholic can have problem with growth and development and fail to thrive.

Smoking is associated with increased risk of miscarriage by preventing the developing embryo form implanting into the womb (uterus). Smoking also compromises the supply of oxygen to the embryo. Smokers are more at risk of having premature delivery and premature separation of the placenta a condition known as placenta abruption.

The sad aspect of smoking is that does who don’t smoke but are exposed to smoke probably from their husbands and close relatives are also at risk of all these complications mentioned above.

The implication is that if you live with somebody that smokes, you should advice the person to stop smoking or avoid living in the same environment with that person.

Recreational drugs: Recreational drugs are also referred to as hard drugs and include drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin ecstasy etc. They are associated with increased complication in pregnancy such as miscarriage, poor growth of the baby, premature delivery and premature separation of the placenta. They cross the placenta and cause damage to the brain of the baby at birth. They are completely discouraged in pregnancy and outside pregnancy. There are other chemical substances or agents in the environment that one should be cautious of. There is however no strong evidence to support or refute any claim to ill effect caused by this chemical substances. The bottom line is that these substances have to be inhaled in considerable amount or the pregnant woman has to be exposed to them for long duration for them to have any significant harmful effect. Some of the substances include vapor from petrol, glue, cleaning fluids, volatile paints, and household aerosols.

Work-place chemicals that are fat soluble such as pesticides, cleaning agents and some adhesives are capable of crossing the placenta and can be harmful to the pregnant woman. They are better avoided.

Exposure to large doses of x-ray radiation can cause harmful effect to the baby during the first trimester. X-rays are generally not encouraged in the first trimester but the doses of x-ray radiation emitted by modern machines are quite small and may not have any significant ill-effect.

Serial ultrasound scans does not have any negative effect on the fetus. Several studies have been done that has so far demonstrated that ultrasound is safe and without complication. The transvaginal probe that is useful in detecting early pregnancy complications is safe and does not cause miscarriage as erroneously thought by some pregnant women.

Exposure to disease causing agents at this stage of development may or may not affect the development of the baby. It depends on the type of organism involved, the severity of the disease process and the immune status of the mother. The common cold is not infrequent in pregnancy and is mostly associated with rhinorrhoea (catarrh/cough) but it is mostly innocuous and does not have any significant negative effect on the developing baby.

This $16 Nail Polish Comes With a Black Diamond and Benefits Hospitalized Children

Polished Girlz and Azature Black Diamond Nail Lacquer have teamed up to create a luxury nail polish that gives back to a good cause.

Perhaps you remember Alanna Wall from our coverage of her last September in “Meet NYFW Youngest Nail Technician,” the then 14 year-old nail technician was assisting the lead nail artist at the coveted Hood By Air show. Since September, Alanna, has graduated from Steve Harvey’s Dreamers Academy 2016 class while also serving as the nail concept designer for yet another New York Fashion Week season for two collections: Paul Penaranda and Demoo Parkchoonmoo.

Wall started her non profit organization, Polished Girlz at the tender age of 10 with a mission to “polish the nails and have mini manicure parties for children with social, emotional or physical specials need including patients that are hospitalized.” Along with her Polished Girlz crew, the organization has now polished the nails of over 14,000 girls who are hospitalized. Now Wall is expanding her reach and teaming with infamous lacquer company Azature Black Diamond Nail Lacquer to benefit the Polished Girlz organization.

If the Azature brand sounds familiar, it’s because they are synonymous with luxury in the nail world. Azature was responsible for the uber luxurious million dollar White Diamond Nail Lacquer that launched in October of last year they also created Kelly Osbourne’s 2012 Emmy Awards manicure that was a valued at a whopping $250,000. In a press junket about the collaboration with Polished Girlz the designer stated, “Alanna has been such an inspiration to me for some time now and I just can’t wait to launch this color with her. Seeing the amazing work the Polished Girlz organization did last year at the First Annual Polished Girlz Ball made such an impact on me that I was moved to help.”


The polish, which is available now, is a glitter-packed deep blue hue, and retail for $16 exclusively on Each bottle will contain one real black diamond and a portion of the proceeds will go directly to Polished Girlz to further their cause.

Guys, Stone Nails Are a Thing

Nail artists are getting in touch with Mother Earth.

There are actually three things you can count on in this world – death, taxes and brand new Instagrammable trends. Obviously we’re only really psyched about that last one. So without further adieu we introduce you to stone nails.

No, these are not tips made out of rocks, but rather nails embellished with tiny, pretty stones, or at the very least made to look like shiny pebbles you’d find along the most idyllic, enchanted path imaginable. We’re particularly digging the varieties embellished with gems and marble-like polishes, but all of the looks are pretty frickin’ cool.

And it looks like you can go as blingy or earthy as you like with your mani style when working with stones, which means it’s a versatile nail art look if you have the time, patience and skill level to place each piece.

If you’re not totally skilled with nail art, there’s always the option of taking in a few stones of your own and asking your favorite manicurist to whip up something cool with them, which could save you a lot of frustration while delivering a super unique mani.

Did You See Kerry Washington’s Sleek Pony and Graphic Nails?

The star of ABC’s Scandal and HBO’s upcoming Confirmation is making a splash with her modern style.

Scandal, or making press rounds about her role as Anita Hill in the upcoming HBO movie Confirmation. The film is a hugely anticipated behind the scenes account of the explosive 1991 Clarence Thomas SCOTUS nomination hearings.

Whatever Kerry has on her agenda, she does it with style and flair. On Instagram—as she readies for another day of press for Confirmation—she rocked a sleek ponytail by celebrity hair stylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew. Her classic ponytail is straight, long and sexy. To clinch the look she enlisted the help of Los Angeles celebrity nail artisan / manicurist April Foreman for the vamp contrast of OPI pink hue polish with edgy black traced tips.

The end result is hair and nails on fleek.

These unique floral lipsticks are making a strong comeback

Kailijumei caught beauty enthusiasts’ eyes sometime mid last year with the clear lipstick infused with tiny petals getting huge social media attention.

The lipstick made in China flew off the shelves mid last year as a lot of beauty enthusiasts who could lay hands on the pretty lipstick showed them off as much as they could.

Kailijumei Lipsticks

The lipsticks come clear with tiny petals of different hues in the middle and gold specks making the lipwear the prettiest thing ever.

Described as the ‘gold encased rose just like in Beauty and the Beast’ on social media, the absolutely vain lipwear is glass encased and contain real florets (they are still causing a stir on social media).

The lipstick glides on the lips clear and then it changes to a pink based hue according to the wearer’s PH at the time!

Kailijumei Lipsticks

The lipsticks are available in honey yellow, deep violet, blush and more and the flowers housed in the middle of the lipstick reportedly last as long as possible. They retail from $22. Would you rock those?

2 fast ways to exfoliate the lips

Exfoliating the lips regularly help remove the dead, flaky and dry skin covering the lips to reveal newer and softer skin.

Exfoliating often helps ease dry lips usually caused by changes in weather, dehydration, medications and more to reveal visibly smoother, softer and ‘cleaner’ lips.

Beauty blogger Lola OJ who also swears by exfoliating the lips recently agrees, “If like me, you wear a lot of lipstick, it’s quite important that you maintain healthy lips. Like exfoliating your face, which I would suggest weekly also, exfoliating your lips helps remove the dead skin on the surface of your lips which brings out new fresh layers making the lips soft, smooth and plump“.

To exfoliate at home, these three fast ways work brilliant.

– Use Lemon (Juice) with honey

Lemon juice works amazing to exfoliate the lips as the citric acid it contains contains exfoliating properties.

How to:

1. Cut lemon into half, take a slice and gently rub around clean lips (to get rid of dry/dead skin on the surface to reveal newer one).

2. Apply honey over the lips afterwards and leave on for 7-10 minutes. Wipe this off and moisturize as per usual.

-Use coconut oil and sugar

A blend of coconut oil and sugar exfoliate the lips well and fast. Coconut oil is also a great option for people with dry lips.

How to:

1. Put a few drops of coconut oil in a bowl and add sugar, mix till you get a paste

2. Apply this on clean lips with a toothbrush with soft bristle in gentle ‘sweeping’ motion for a few seconds.

3. Wipe this off and moisturize the lips as per usual.