These unique floral lipsticks are making a strong comeback

Kailijumei caught beauty enthusiasts’ eyes sometime mid last year with the clear lipstick infused with tiny petals getting huge social media attention.

The lipstick made in China flew off the shelves mid last year as a lot of beauty enthusiasts who could lay hands on the pretty lipstick showed them off as much as they could.

Kailijumei Lipsticks

The lipsticks come clear with tiny petals of different hues in the middle and gold specks making the lipwear the prettiest thing ever.

Described as the ‘gold encased rose just like in Beauty and the Beast’ on social media, the absolutely vain lipwear is glass encased and contain real florets (they are still causing a stir on social media).

The lipstick glides on the lips clear and then it changes to a pink based hue according to the wearer’s PH at the time!

Kailijumei Lipsticks

The lipsticks are available in honey yellow, deep violet, blush and more and the flowers housed in the middle of the lipstick reportedly last as long as possible. They retail from $22. Would you rock those?

2 fast ways to exfoliate the lips

Exfoliating the lips regularly help remove the dead, flaky and dry skin covering the lips to reveal newer and softer skin.

Exfoliating often helps ease dry lips usually caused by changes in weather, dehydration, medications and more to reveal visibly smoother, softer and ‘cleaner’ lips.

Beauty blogger Lola OJ who also swears by exfoliating the lips recently agrees, “If like me, you wear a lot of lipstick, it’s quite important that you maintain healthy lips. Like exfoliating your face, which I would suggest weekly also, exfoliating your lips helps remove the dead skin on the surface of your lips which brings out new fresh layers making the lips soft, smooth and plump“.

To exfoliate at home, these three fast ways work brilliant.

– Use Lemon (Juice) with honey

Lemon juice works amazing to exfoliate the lips as the citric acid it contains contains exfoliating properties.

How to:

1. Cut lemon into half, take a slice and gently rub around clean lips (to get rid of dry/dead skin on the surface to reveal newer one).

2. Apply honey over the lips afterwards and leave on for 7-10 minutes. Wipe this off and moisturize as per usual.

-Use coconut oil and sugar

A blend of coconut oil and sugar exfoliate the lips well and fast. Coconut oil is also a great option for people with dry lips.

How to:

1. Put a few drops of coconut oil in a bowl and add sugar, mix till you get a paste

2. Apply this on clean lips with a toothbrush with soft bristle in gentle ‘sweeping’ motion for a few seconds.

3. Wipe this off and moisturize the lips as per usual.

8 Types Of Face Masks That Handle The Most Common Skincare Issues

Combat complexion woes with these skin savers.

The mask market can be a bit overwhelming. With so many kinds available, how do you know which one to choose? We asked Suneel Chilukuri, M.D., of Refresh Dermatology in Houston, to break down the different varieties to help you select what’s best for you.

The first step? Hone in on your skin issue, then look for a product with ingredients that target it. “Salicylic acid is an anti-inflammatory agent that helps improve blackheads and whiteheads. Dry or sensitive skin types should use masks with ingredients like lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, cucumber and papaya,” says the cosmetic and dermatologic surgeon.

“If you’re looking for general skin health and antiaging benefits, find masks that contain alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic acid and vitamins C and E.” Next determine the right mask formula. We’ve picked eight types and got the scoop on how they work.

This feature originally appeared in the May 2017 Issue of ESSENCE Magazine.

1. Splash Mask


Score this fan favorite for fuller, longer lashes.

Score this fan favorite for fuller, longer lashes.

When it comes to beauty products, Birchbox subscribers know their stuff. The retailer’s popular subscription box service sends out a fresh batch of beauty samples every month, so you know longtime subscribers have tried their fair share of makeup, hair, and skincare products. The mascara they rate the absolute best?

With over 34,000 reviews, this mascara is one of the website’s best-selling products of all time. Birchbox reviewers rave about the formula, which beautifully lengthens and separates lashes (without clumping!) and doesn’t smudge, even after a sweaty workout.

“This is my favorite mascara by far,” writes Birchbox user Jenadora. “Only one coat needed. Comes off with cleaning easily. Lengthens. Always receive compliments on this.”

The mascara even has the celebrity makeup artist stamp of approval: in a previous interview with Health, Los Angeles makeup artist Pati Dubroff (her A-list following includes Naomi Watts and Dakota Johnson) told us the buildable formula is one of her go-tos. “You can get major length without that bulky or clumpy look,” she explained.

The only downside? People might have trouble believing you’re not wearing false lashes: “I’ve tried a ton of mascaras in my day and this is the best by far,” says Birchbox user Rockyraweggs. “It almost works too well in that people think I do have on fake lashes.”

The cult favorite comes in black, brown, and blue, so you can choose the shade that best flatters your eye color.

Want more tried-and-true beauty products? Other Birchbox bestsellers include Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel ($24;, which has more than 46,000 reviews, and Arrow Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm ($14;, a high-tech balm that enhances your natural lip color for a subtle pop of color.

The Only Black Owned Scent You Need To Try On National Fragrance Day

Get reacquainted with the #BuyBlack movement by coveting one of our favorite Black-owned scents.

It’s National Fragrance Day, a holiday most of us didn’t know existed until today. Perhaps you could care less about obscure beauty product celebrations–and that’s totally fine.

However, as someone who hoards perfume on her work desk, the chance to gab unapologetically about my favorite scents is priceless. I rarely wear the same fragrance more than a couple days in a row, so discovery plays a huge role in my beauty routine.

And I could spend the next couple of minutes waxing poetic about the ones that stay in my rotation (Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl, Elizabeth & James’ Nirvana White, Sol De Janeiro’s Brazilian Crush Mist), but I won’t.

Instead, take a moment to get reacquainted with the #BuyBlack movement by coveting one of our favorite Black-owned scents of the moment: Kimberly New York’s ARTSY.

Available as an eau de parfum or rollerball (above), it carries a one-of-a-kind scent, made up of red candied apple, sparkling violet, marshmallow accord and creamy sandalwood. In short, it’s probably unlike anything you’ve worn before and at just $45, we’d say it’s worth a try.

A Day in the Beautiful Life of Simone Missick

When things go haywire in the superhero universe, this Luke Cage star stays grounded through faith and family.

Before becoming a fan favorite as Misty Knight, the superhero detective on Marvel’s Luke Cage, Simone Missick received a stern warning from Cheo Hodari Coker, the show’s creator: Get ready. It’s going to be c-r-a-z-y.

Now, entering its second season, Netflix’s fifth-highest-rated original series is sending Missick on a path that’s sure to continue her rise to superstardom as her character joins the cast of the upcoming The Defenders, another small-screen adventure in the Marvel comics world. Not a bad move for the Detroit native, who made Hollywood home nearly ten years ago in pursuit of her craft. “For so long I was a struggling artist. I felt like I had my faith, family and health together, but not my career,” says Missick.

These days, despite losing her anonymity and having to balance a relationship in different time zones (she’s been married to fellow actor Dorian Missick for five years), the up-and-comer is focused on savoring the ride and staying spiritually centered in the midst of her new chaos. Says Missick, “If you don’t enjoy the journey, you’re not going to be happy once you get there.”

Keep scrolling to see a day in her beautiful life! 

1:30 PM – Mid Day Cardio

After her routine cardio, weight training and Thai boxing (a much-needed stress reliever most days) at Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy, she finishes off the workout with kettlebell exercises.


3:00 PM – Thinking Of A Masterplan

A stop at Manny’s café in her Brooklyn neighborhood gives her a moment to focus on scripts or plan her next project.


5:00 PM – QT With The Little Pup

Quality time with Charlie, the pup she and her husband rescued more than six months ago, serves as a nice distraction from her daily grind. According to Missick, sharing the responsibility of caring for another living creature is also prep for parenthood.


8:00 PM – Date Night With The Hubby

Missick heeds the sage wisdom of long-lasting couples and makes sure she carves out regular date nights. She and hubby Dorian love reconnecting

Model Khoudia Diop aka ‘Melanin Goddess’ Has Some Very Good Advice For Her Younger Self

As part of Make Up For Ever’s new #BlendInStandOut campaign, she hopes to push the boundaries of traditional beauty standards.

In 2016, the internet discovered its latest obsession: Khoudia Diop of The Colored Girl.

You’ve probably heard friends refer to her as the “Melanin Goddess,” or seen photos of her deep ebony skin sprinkled throughout Instagram.

The up and coming model is a part of “The Colored Girl” agency, which celebrates every shade of Black beauty with breathtaking pictorials. Needless to say, Diop’s status as an Insta-star went from 0 to 100 real quick. And now she’s using her platform to promote self-love to the masses.

As part of Make Up For Ever’s new #BlendInStandOut campaign, she hopes to push the boundaries of traditional beauty standards and encourage others to “create their own rules of diversity.””For me, it’s more than just a product, it’s the idea behind the product!” the Senegalese beauty tells ESSENCE. “There are so many types of beauty that all deserve to be celebrated.”

Foundation campaigns rarely feature women with dark skin, but Make Up For Ever remains one of the few that promote inclusivity with its products and advertising. And Diop’s participation speaks volumes about its efforts to make sure that there’s truly something for everyone.

She adds, “Personally, it was always very difficult to find complexion products that match my shade. Make Up For Ever has foundation options that work for me, and everyone.” So much so, that today, she counts the Ultra HD Invisible Cover Liquid Foundation (her shade is R540!), the Step 1 Skin Equalizer Mattifying Primer and Ultra HD Skin Booster as part of her daily routine.

Counting Lupita Nyong’o and Michelle Obama as her beauty icons, Khoudia’s ultimate goal is to create an iconic legacy that includes helping others and of course, living fabulously. Thanks to a monstrous Instagram following and this new campaign, she’s well on her way to reaching that goal.


In fact, her anti-bullying stance for the #BlendInStandOut campaign is partly inspired by the not-so-nice parts of maintaining a heightened social presence. “There are still people who make comments occasionally, but they’re in the minority,” she said. “Most of the response has been and is hugely positive. For those who feel the need to be bullies, I ignore them. Negative energy is wasteful. As Michelle Obama said, ‘When they go low, we go high.'”


Always stressing the importance of inner beauty and empowerment, Diop only hopes to inspire the supporters who may have gone through the same hang-ups she experienced as a kid.

As for the advice she’d give her younger self, Khoudia says, “I would tell her to be more patient, and spend less energy on bullies, although it is very hard keep in mind that they just want to glow like you!”

Oprah Winfrey’s Former Makeup Artist Gives Free Makeovers In His Hometown

Reggie Wells traded in his A-list clientele for something a little more home grown.

Since getting his start in the ’70s, makeup artist Reggie Wells has contributed his beauty expertise to a number of publications, including Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar.

However, it was his work in countless issues of ESSENCE that ultimately caught the attention of longtime client Oprah Winfrey and other celebrities, like Lauryn Hill and Beyoncé.

Oprah & Renée Elise Goldsberry Play A Game of Cell Biology Trivia
The stars of the HBO’s ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’ test their knowledge on cell biology with a simple quiz.

As of late, the celebrity beauty guru appears to have traded in his A-list clientele for something a little more home grown. Today, he resides in Baltimore, MD, assisting his 96-year-old father in a Park Heights retirement community.

And although he’s no longer navigating the Hollywood scene, Wells’ love for his hometown and makeup artistry remain more vibrant than ever. According to the Baltimore Sun, the Emmy Award-winning artist is using his sought after talents to make older women feel beautiful with free makeovers.

“I’m doing this for the forgotten people of families. I’m taking unknown mothers and grandmothers and giving them the type of makeovers that Oprah would give,” he told the publication in an exclusive interview.

The 69-year-old also allowed cameras to capture one of his makeover sessions, which include a free professional photo session.

Check out the full story here and get inspired by the long time makeup artist as he gives back to the community and shares his passion for beauty!

Fresh Face: Anna Diop

This Senegalese-born, Texas-raised dynamo dishes on her favorite beauty indulgence and how Fox’s ‘24: Legacy’ is impacting modern television and Black culture.

AGE: 29

HOMETOWN: Houston by way of Dakar, Senegal

My big break

Legacy is definitely the most exciting and largest-scale project I’ve been a part of to date.

My favorite song to sing aloud

“Hold Up” by Beyoncé.

The last thing that made me LOL

My little brother, Kareem, started a Twitter thread called the O.G. SpongeBob Quiz. He’s always making me laugh.

The beauty product that has changed my life

I’m big on skin care, so facials are an imperative. Espa overnight hydrating mask leaves my skin baby-soft.


Why being on 24: Legacy is such an important role for me

It’s humbling to be a part of something groundbreaking that redefines American television. Media is powerful, in that it can influence pop culture. So to bring back a show like ours with a Black hero of this magnitude to a mainstream audience is incredible.

How I felt seeing myself on TV for the first time

Excited, nervous and critical!

Last piece of advice I was given

In a video of Maya Angelou, she stressed the importance of being mindful when you speak. I’ve always believed that, so it was a nice reminder.

Can You Guess How Much A Woman Spends on Makeup In Her Liftetime? (We Were Way Off!)

We can freely admit that whenever we take a trip to Sephora or Ulta we inevitably leave with a few more products than we anticipated buying.

We’re obsessed with all things beauty here at PeopleStyle. We review every new product, track cool new trends (have you seen this unicorn-inspired makeup?) and snoop inside celebrities’ medicine cabinets whenever possible. So we can freely admit that whenever we take a trip to Sephora or Ulta we inevitably leave with a few more products than we anticipated buying. If you’re guilty too, it’s actually not all that unusual.

According to a new video by Money (above), the average woman will spend $43 on a shopping trip for makeup. (Our bank accounts may not thank us, but our vanities sure do.)

What really gave us a shock, though, was discovering that a woman spends $15,000 on beauty products in her lifetime. That’s a lot of lipsticks… or the cash for a used car!

Out of that money, $3,770 is spent on mascara alone (shop our favorite here!). Another $2,750 is allotted to eyeshadows (blue is totally in right now). And $1,780 is dedicated to new lipsticks (these are the celebrity shades we’re loving right now). And that’s not even including all the products you need to buy to keep your beauty tools clean.

If all of these numbers seem shocking, it makes a lot more sense when you consider the entire beauty industry is worth an astounding $382 billion globally.

Whoever said “you can’t put a price on beauty” was clearly misinformed.

How much money do you spend on an average trip to the makeup counter?