Papa Omisore sets menswear brand in new direction

POC (Papa Omisore Clothing) rebrands to P.O.C (People Of Colour)!

The Nigeria based menswear brand is repositioning the brand’s identity all the way up to its offerings and it comes with more exciting news!

Papa Omisore

Looking to create more options for the fashionable man, the brand is set to launch three (3) more arms catering to its vast clientele by offering instant retail options where people can walk into a store and pick up P.O.C pieces amongst other things lined up in the new direction.

Celebrity stylist, designer and creative director of the brand Papa Omisore started the brand out of the desire to stay fashionable and seeing the need to satisy a dearth in men’s fashion pieces he created the brand that has since made a debut and a follow up showcase at the Lagos Fashion Design Week.

A stylish sport himself, Omisore is known as a bold dresser who surprisingly makes sure comfort is key without taking away from his unique style and his eye for details which doesn’t go unnoticed in any look he chooses.

The rebrand had to happen as a direct result of what he intends to do with men’s style; “the love for colour and need for more colour in menswear” he states.

In an exclusive interview about the new direction, he offers:

Why the name change?

It’s not really a name change, but more of a rebrand. It was important for people to know that the brand is not ‘poc’, but P.O.C, which was initially an abbreviation of Papa Omisore Clothing.

Papa Omisore wearing Gladiator sandals

What’s going to be different now (from POC to POC)

P.O.C has now changed from Papa Omisore Clothing to People Of Colour. The brand started because I could not find anything to wear and started the brand, essentially creating clothes I would wear, and found that men loved and wanted it. People often forget that men love fashion, it’s not enough for them to throw on a t shirt or button down shirt, they want more. The brand has now become more than that, it now infuses a lot of print and colour. People think men don’t like or want colour, but that’s not true! When I wear prints and colour, I get so many requests for it, it’s different. Colours and prints have personalities, just like people!

What inspired the change? How are you repositioning the brand?

The name change was inspired by the love for colour and need for more colour in menswear. The brand has also been known for its kaftans, which are a P.O.C staple, but now, we’re expanding. The people spoke, and we listened – we are no longer just ‘the kaftan brand’. Don’t get me wrong, people absolutely loved the kaftans, but men need more!

What to expect with the new direction?

You’ll have to keep your eyes out, but what I will say is that the brand will now have 3 arms and more options.

Major shows this year?

Right now, I can’t say. Main focus is to create, things tend to fall into place, so only time can tell.

What to expect with new collection?

The last Lagos Fashion and Design week saw something different from P.O.C. The way I create, I can’t predict where my inspiration will come from, but there will always be something new.

About the diffusion line and other plans?

I won’t call it a diffusion line. The brand will now have 3 arms and more options for men. I will say though that the brand will now be available for sale at a retail outlet, to enable people walk into a store and pick up P.O.C, instead of waiting for their bespoke orders. This is a major step for the brand, as we have relied on orders for the past 3 years. We want our customers and followers to now be able to access P.O.C whenever they want. However, the bespoke option will still be available.

Singer shows off grownup style in new photos

Davido is a stylish gentleman in cobalt blue in behind-the-scenes images shared by stylist Swankyjerry.

The singer and HKN boss looks good in slick style sporting black shirt over pants in a flattering fit, topped with a cobalt blue blazer. The look was styled with shirt slightly unbuttoned with gold neckchain, rings and bracelet paired with black doublestrap monks with blue soles.



The popular singer who scored the look for Pepsi new campaign looked smart and refreshingly grown up in the look styled by popular celebrity stylist; Swankyjerry.

Are you loving his look?

Menswear brand Rogue taps Ric Hassani for dapper editorial

Ric Hassani is every inch dapper for menswear brand; Rogue’s new edit.

The singer chose a blend of vibrant hues on sartorial pieces for the feature tagged ‘Rogue Man Identity’ looking good in each piece.

Rogue Man Identity fashion editorial is a mix of vintage scenery with formal and contemporary sartorial. Fashion is about self expression and self confidence, a genuine way of showcasing our inner self. The fashionable man is not your average gentleman. He looks just as sharp on the street and is always the best dressed person in any situation, scenery or event. All these identifies the Rogue Man.

The Rogue Man dares to be different, he can carry the weight of many on his shoulders and still do it in a well tailored debonair suit. He is sharp and refined. He represents panache, elegance, grandeur, confidence, transcendence and royalty.

Ric Hassani is a perfect epitome of what a rogue man is.  He is extremely stylish and polished right down to his persona, he is confident, he stands tall and exudes talent effortlessly. In this fashion shoot, he struts our cutting-edge suave suits with a natural and uncommon savvy the brand mused about tapping the singer for the edit.

He sports the fitting tuxedo looks featuring details as bold lapel, damask print, pin stripes, vibrant cotton and more in flattering fits that works for his frame.

Fast rising designer dishes on how he kicked off his career

Seyi Mark dishes on his love for creating standout pieces noting that his wife led him into embracing fashion as a career in a recent interview with Pulse.

The designer who reveals that people stop him in traffic to ask if he makes clothes for a living shares how he has always loved styling and putting pieces on people the right way.

The fast growing brand out of Nigeria known for his clean cut signature reveals that “fashion has been a part of me since my university days, it always about styling for me, If I see you wearing something not good, I’ll suggest to try this and that” noting that his flair for styling and designing was particularly highlighted during his university days.

Revealing how he started after university, he’s always picked out outfits for people close to him; “I help my friends pick out their outfits“.

After leaving the university and looking for what to do; “My wife encouraged me to go into fashion. After university, I thought of what to do and my girlfriend then, wife now suggested why not go into fashion” and till date he hasn’t looked back.

I went back to the basics, I had to learn how to sew, cut and do the whole thing. Where I learnt somewhere in Lagos I paid attention to how the person was running the entire business, paying attention to the way he attends to his clients especially with bespoke tailoring which involves a lot attention to details” he shares about equipping himself before starting out on his own.

I started from my house, I did my thing inside my house” he reveals about how he started. He also dished on the identity a designer wears and every other thing that makes it all come together.

Music label owner shows off crisp looks

Ubi Franklin chose crisp modern trad looks and flattering tuxedos in new photos.

The Made Men Music Group label boss who recently cleared his Instagram page safe for photos of his kid and him chose looks from top Nigerian menswear brands Vodi and Taryor Gabriels for the shoot.

He pairs a white trad complete with ‘agbada’ with multi striped multi coloured cap in one of the shots,  while he chose a blend of blue trad set paired with cap in another flattering shot, he switched up  a white trad look with vibrant caps paired with black loafers.

Ubi Franklin

He opted for a black suit paired with white shirt for one shot while donning a white tux in another statement piece looking dapper.

He chose the trad looks from Vodi and the flattering tuxedos from Taryor Gabriels.

CNN reporter shows off ‘Agbada’ Style, he’s perfection!

Richard Quest shows off the trad agbada look and he nails it perfectly, see shots of him in the look

Richard Quest chose the trad agbada look and shows it off over social media and he’s perfection.

The 55 year old CNN International anchor and reporter currently in Nigeria held an interview with Chief Nike Davies Okundaye of Nike Art Gallery and was styled in a full trad agbada look which he rocked to perfection.

The excited TV host took to twitter to show off the complete look he donned for the interview. He chose the ‘agbada’ in plain and pattern mix tie and dye over a shirt paired with chunky trad beads and matching cap.

The CNN anchor who looked every inch cool in the look sat with Okundaye who scored a tie and dye kaftan paired with her signature statement headpiece complete with jewelry for the interview.

Quest is made for the trad look, no? He rocks it so well.

Fashion’s feather master tickles up a storm

His creations have been worn by stars from Madonna and Karlie Kloss to Heidi Klum and the burlesque star Dita Von Teese.

Serkan Cura was first tickled by the possibility of feathers when he was just 13.

“I found a bird of paradise feather in a street market in Brussels,” he told AFP. “It was love at first sight.”

The thrill has never quite left him.

“I made my first wedding dress that year out of feathers and plastic,” he recalled.

Two decades later Cura is one of the world’s top plumassiers — a leading exponent of an art that goes back to before Cleopatra, who loved to make dramatic entrances from behind fantails of ostrich feathers.

His creations have been worn by stars from Madonna and Karlie Kloss to Heidi Klum and the burlesque star Dita Von Teese, who he says has “the most perfect, beautiful, graceful body I have ever seen”.

In fact, Serkan was so taken with her that he had a tailor’s dummy made with her “dimensions” for his workshop.

Having cut his teeth working with the French designer Jean Paul Gaultier, who tried to poach him from Antwerp‘s famed Royal Academy of Fine Arts“I stayed on and finished my diploma and then joined him” — he also spent a decade learning corset making at the feet of the legendary Mr Pearl.


Now 35, Cura finds himself invited to show his creations on the elite Paris haute couture catwalk, with his apprentices snapped up by leading houses like Chanel.

His showstopping numbers have also featured in US lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret spectacular annual $20 million show.

Some of his creations go for six-figure sums, he says, while others — including one dress made entirely from bird of paradise feathers — are destined for museum collections.

“I would not sell it for three million euros ($3.3 million),” he told AFP.

“It will still look amazing long after I am gone.”

“Feathers are hugely strong,” he explained, crushing a delicate piece of feathered lace in his hand before opening his fist again.

“Look,” Cura said. “Perfect! What other material can take that kind of abuse and still look so delicate and glamorous?”

Many of the rare plumes he works with date from the 19th century, and come from the collection of a historic Parisian plumassier whose stock he bought when it was taken over by the Moulin Rouge.

Rare plumes

“You could never get them now, mercifully for the poor birds. Now all those feathers have to have authentication papers,” he said.

To get the feathers he needs, Cura, who describes himself as “Belgian by birth but made in Turkey”, has a farm in the south of France where he breeds partridges, pheasants and other birds.

Still more come from a bird lover in Spain who has dedicated her life to rescuing and caring for exotic species.

“Sometimes it takes years to get the feathers you need for a piece,” he said.

“You have to wait for the feathers to fall from the bird. They only fall twice a year and it depends very much on the quality you get. If the birds are stressed the feathers are not so good and if they fight among themselves they could be damaged, too.”

Which is why his creations can cost so much. But Cura, who sees his studio more as a laboratory, said he was obsessed with exploring the “endless possibilities that feathers present”, particularly with cheaper goose, chicken and even pigeon feathers.

One of his most spectacular skirts is made from the stems of goose feathers. “Wearing it, it is a multi-sensorial experience. Really you can do anything with them,” he said.

Jean-Philippe Lautraite, who heads the French wedding dress label Cymbeline, which is working alongside Cura on a new experimental range, called him “a true master. You are in another dimension with him.”

“Serkan, like us, is the exact opposite of fast-fashion. It is tradition and quality that excites us both. You cannot imagine the hundreds of hours of work that goes into these pieces,” he added.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa set to debut unisex clothing line

Wiz Khalifa is venturing into unisex fashion with a capsule (unisex) collection  with L.A based urban brands 424 and Pleasures.

The rapper who set to debut the collection at MADE L.A on June 10th 2017; a fashion and music showcase to present the collection exclusive to the urban brand.

The rapper was invited to work with a designer on a line to showcase at the event and he chose ‘424‘ and ‘Pleasures‘ to work with on a unisex brand to preview exclusively on the runway.

The designer is reportedly working with a top stylist Lauren Matos for the collection that’s a Pre Fall Collection teaser.

424 is a clothing brand found in Los Angeles in 2015 by Guillermo Andrade while Pleasures also a Los Angeles street wear brand was found by Alex James.

This style piece for men is causing major stir, but it looks like it’s come to stay!

Should guys rock rompers? RompHim has created a ‘onesie’ for guys but unlike one for the ladies, it’s been revolutionized!

Is a male romper (the RompHim) practical honestly?

The trend has sent the internet into a frenzy over the romper for guys but the brand is fast cashing in!

RompHim is a kickstarter project producing rompers for men and in two days of kickstarting the project, the brand has made over $68,000 dollars! (trading onesie for men).

The likely summer trend started as an independent study project by four undergraduate students (co-founders).

One of the co-founders; Elaine Chen revealed the idea was birthed after realizing the versatile style piece work amazing for ladies but a man doesn’t have it that luxury, so why not create an equally stylish piece for a man?

Deciding to go a step further, the brilliant group decided to make peeing out of the look easier for men (ladies know the struggles of wearing a jumpsuit!) by adding a zipper!

I hate wearing it in any kind of public setting where I’m going to have to use the restroom because I basically have to take it all the way off and it gets quite awkward.” Elaine Chen told GQ about adding a zipper on the bold look for men.

what we found was for guys was we could work around that problem with a zipper fly. And that solved the vast majority of public restroom issues” Chen shares.

The RompHim comes with zipper fly, front shirt pocket, adjustable waist, zippered back pockets and deep front pockets (so versatile and comfy!)

The question is will a man wear a romper? As a Nigerian man, would you rock a romper (that comes with no hinderance with zipper)?

2017 Nigerian men Fashion Magazine: Things the Most Stylish Guys Know

Just because you are going to a casual outing does not mean you have to whip out an old faded shirt with matching palms.
You can look casual while still maintaining that stylish enigma.
Throw on cool white sneakers, wear a statement Tee, make sure your jean looks clean and you are good to get into the fashionable list for the day.

Don’t Be Scared of Colour or Personality:


















A Clean, Corporate Look Makes You Shine:

The average stylish guy is neither scared of the dapper suit nor shiny shoes. When worn at appropriate occasions, a usually basic looking guy can transform into a model that just stepped out of the cover of a high fashion magazine.

Natives Are Great