Rear Entry Sex

Definition – What does Rear Entry Sex mean?

Rear entry sex refers to any sexual position in which one partner enters the other from behind, either vaginally or anally. There are many rear entry sexual positions including varieties in which couples sit, stand, or lie down.

Blackrosegossip explains Rear Entry Sex

Common rear entry positions include doggy style and spoon positions. These positions tend to be comfortable for both partners, and they provide the right angle of penetration for hitting the g-spot or prostate gland. In addition, the receiving partner’s genitalia can usually be easily reached by either partner for additional stimulation.

The Reverse Cowgirl Position

Definition – What does The Reverse Cowgirl Position mean?

Reverse cowgirl is a sexual position in which a woman straddles her prone partner and, unlike cowgirl position, faces away from her partner. Like any girl-on-top position, reverse cowgirl gives the woman control of the extent and duration of penetration.

Blackrosegossip explains The Reverse Cowgirl Position

The position can be used for vaginal and anal sex, and is often used in pornography because it provides a full-frontal view of the woman. Reverse cowgirl is a position that stimulates a woman’s G-spot and also gives the woman access to her clitoris, opening up the possibility of additional manual stimulation. It’s also an easy and accessible position for pregnant women. Despite its name, the reverse cowgirl may be used between same sex couples.

The Missionary Sex Position

Definition – What does The Missionary Sex Position mean?

Missionary sex is a vaginal sexual position in which a woman lies on her back, the man lies on top of her and they face each other. This position is intimate and simple, which makes it one of the first sexual positions people tend to try.

Missionary sex is also known as the missionary sex position.

Blackrosegossip explains The Missionary Sex Position

Missionary position, perhaps because it is one of the most basic sexual positions, has gained a reputation for being a boring, and even prudish, choice. Most believe that this position got its name from the teachings of ancient missionaries, who promoted it as the “proper” way to have sex. This is largely centered around the idea that women needed to be subordinate to men. There are many variations of this position. Women do tend to report this position as pleasurable. It can also be used by same sex couples.

The Spoon Position

Definition – What does The Spoon Position mean?

The spoon sex position is a rear entry position in which both partners lay on their sides, front to back. The receiving partner lays with their back to the penetrating partner. The position can be used for vaginal or anal sex. Although this is an excellent intimate position for heterosexual couples, it can also be used by gay and lesbian couples.

This position may also be referred to as spoons, classic spoon, or spooning.

Blackrosegossip explains The Spoon Position

The spoon position is an excellent sex position for couples who are trying to ease into rear entry sex. The angle of penetration is perfect for stimulating pleasure buttons like the G-spot and prostate. It also makes stimulating the clitoris or penis of the receiving partner much easier. It is very accessible to all people.

Doggy Style Sex

Definition – What does Doggy Style Sex mean?

Doggy style sex is a type of rear-entry sex in which the receiving partner crouches down on all fours. This sex position makes the receiving partner’s vagina and/or anus more accessible to the penetrating partner. Either men or women might be receiving or penetrating partners, although women need to don a strap-on dildo if they are to do so.

Blackrosegossip explains Doggy Style Sex

Doggy style sex mimics the position that dogs use to copulate, which is how it gets its name. There are a number of different variations of doggy style sex. In a classic doggy style position, the receiving partner supports their hands and knees. One variation of this position involves the receiving partner resting on their elbows, which facilitates deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation in women. Yet another variation of doggy style sex involves the penetrating partner holding the receiving partner’s arms behind their back.

The Leapfrog Position

Definition – What does The Leapfrog Position mean?

The leapfrog position is an interesting variation of doggy-style, rear entry sex. To get into this position, the receiving partner squats down rather than getting into regular doggy-style position on all fours. The receiving partner lowers their forearms to the ground and raises their rear so they can be penetrated by their partner from behind. This position can be used for vaginal or anal sex.

The leapfrog is also known as froggy style.

Blackrosegossip explains The Leapfrog Position

This position can get very tiring for the receiving partner very quickly. This position may also require some degree of flexibility. To prolong the pleasure, the receiving partner can support themselves by leaning slightly over a bed or couch. The penetrating partner can also help by supporting their partner’s waist and hips.